A summary of the different outcomes (the tools, the platform and the Practitioners Guides) developed within the IMPETUS Project.

The complete package of The IMPETUS Solution is available at the links below.

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If you'd like to find out more about the next steps that we have planned for the IMPETUS Solution, have a look at our vision and
SWOT analyses for the tools, the platform and the Practitioners Guides.






Practitioners Guides

Bringing the lessons learned from IMPETUS to a wider audience


Latest release

Firearm Detector

Continuously monitors surveillance camera feeds and automatically creates an alert if a firearm is detected in a public space


Firearm detection video

Bacteria Detector

Continuously monitors air samples to detect abnormally high concentrations of airborne



Urban Anomaly

Continuously monitors data gathered from
multiple city sensors and detects cases deviating from the norm - indicating possible cause for concern



Social Media Detection

Scans large volumes of text on social media and other public online sites, looking for topics/keywords that might indicate potential trouble or threats



Workload Monitoring

Measures mental workload and stress of emergency operators using a brain-computer interface, raises alerts if anomalies arise



Evacuation Optimiser

Provides instant advice to emergency staff on
how to effectively manage an evacuation, based
on simulations of different evacuation scenarios




Cyber Threat

Detects, classifies and helps mitigate cyberspace threats to an organisation’s IT assets



Cyber Threat Detection
and Response

Detects cyber vulnerabilities in IT Systems:
raises alerts and suggests countermeasures if
they arise





The IMPETUS Platform

Integrates multiple tools in a unified interface