Deliverables will be published here on the website when they have been finalised and approved.



WP1 Identification of Local Conditions and Requirements 

Requirements for public safety solutions


WP2 Platform Development and Test 

Platform specifications, architecture and testing


WP3 Secure Smart City Module Development

Detection tool development initial report

Detection tool development final report


 WP4 Data Analytics, Visualization and Access Control

Data analytics & ingestion-time access control initial report

Data analytics & ingestion-time access control final report

Interface design & BigData visualisation


WP5 Ethical Framework and Data Privacy

Initial ethical framework

Initial mechanisms to preserve privacy in the secure smart city

Ethical framework

Mechanisms to preserve privacy in the secure smart city


WP6 Platform in Operations

Cyber-security framework

Operational framework - concepts of operations

Operational framework - implementation guidelines

Envisioned evolutions of the operational environment


WP7 Platform Validation

Acceptance pilot report

Report on the use of technical platform in pilots

Report on the use of the frameworks


WP8 Communication, Dissemination and Ecosystem Development

Communication and dissemination report 1

Communication and dissemination report 2

Ecosystem report

External collaboration report


WP9 Exploitation and Upscaling

Business cases

Standardization report


WP10 Management

Final Report

Societal Impact Report

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