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H2020 Project IMPETUS
Intelligent Management of Processes, Ethics and Technology for Urban Safety

The project ran from September 2020 to February 2023. This website presents project outcomes and related work.
IMPETUS was an innovative project to enhance the resilience of smart cities in the face of security threats in public spaces. IMPETUS provided city authorities with new means to address security issues in public spaces, and so help protect citizens...
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Acknowledgement - SNAP4city

IMPETUS used Snap4City to facilitate development of the IMPETUS integrating platform. It was very useful for our work and we wish to acknowledge the excellent help and support provided by Snap4City. For more details, see here.

Contact Information

  • image Project Communication and Dissemination Manager

    K. Harald Drager

    Project Communication and Dissemination Manager
    The International Emergency Management Society - TIEMS

  • image Project Coordinator

    Joe Gorman

    Project Coordinator
    SINTEF Digital

  • IMPETUS Contacts

    Joe Gorman, SINTEF Project Coordinator Email Joe

    Arianna Dissegna, UniSmart Innovation Manager Email Arianna

    Matthieu Branlat, SINTEF Technical Manager Email Matthieu

    K. Harald Drager, TIEMS Dissemination Manager Email Harald

    Manuel Soccol, UniSmart Ethics Manager Email Manuel

    Sandro Bologna, TIEMS COSSEC Contact Email Sandro