A list of peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings and popular media articles published with the support of the H2020 IMPETUS Project:


Peer-reviewed publications

  • S Masmoudi, N Kaaniche, M Laurent. 2022. SPOT: Secure and Privacy-Preserving PrOximiTy Protocol for e-Healthcare Systems. IEEE Access. 10, 106400-106414. Read it now.

  • A Pellicani, G Pio, D Redavid, M Ceci. 2023. SAIRUS: Spatially-aware identification of risky users in social networks. Information Fusion. 92, 435-449. Read it now.

  • EP Barracchia, G Pio, A Bifet, HM Gomes, B Pfahringer, M Ceci. 2022. LP-ROBIN: Link prediction in dynamic networks exploiting incremental node embedding. Information Sciences. 606, 702-721. Read it now.


Conference proceedings

  • Paolo Mignone, Donato Malerba, Michelangelo Ceci (UNIBA-CINI). Anomaly Detection for Public Transport and Air Pollution Analysis. IEEE BigData workshop BigEACPS, 17-20 December 2022, Osaka, Japan.

  • Paolo Mignone, Donato Malerba, Michelangelo Ceci (UNIBA-CINI). Anomaly Detection for Physical Threat Intelligence. Workshop on New Frontiers in Mining Complex Patterns of the ECML PKDD conference, 19-23 September 2022, Grenoble, France.

  • Joaquin Garcia-Alfaro, Nesrine Kaaniche, Aymen Boudguiga, Gustavo Gonzalez Granadillo (MIT). Efficient Hybrid Model for Intrusion Detection Systems. INSTICC Conference, Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Security and Cryptography – SECRYPT, 11-13 July 2022, Lisbon, Portugal. Pp 694-700. https://doi.org/10.5220/0011328300003283.

  • T de Groot, J de Heer, R Hrynkiewicz, T Oortwijn, M Tolhuisen. 2022. Evaluation of Real-time Assessment of Human Operator Workload during a Simulated Crisis Situation, Using EEG and PPG. In: ICCAS 2022: The International Conference on Cognitive Aircraft Systems, 1-2 June 2022, Toulouse, France.

  • R Corizzo, M Ceci, G Pio, P Mignone, N Japkowicz. Spatially-Aware Autoencoders for Detecting Contextual Anomalies in Geo-Distributed Data. In: C Soares, L Torgo (eds) Discovery Science. DS 2021. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12986. Springer, Cham.

  • M Anisetti, CA Ardagna, C Braghin, E Damiani, A Polimeno, A Balestrucci. Dynamic and Scalable Enforcement of Access Control Policies for Big Data. In: MEDES '21: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Management of Digital EcoSystems. Association for Computing Machinery, 1-3 November 2021, New York, United States. pp 71–78.

  • Alexia Comte, Axelle Cadiere, Sebastien Courtin, Mathieu Tur, Benoit Roig, Gilles Dusserre, Sandrine Bayle. Biological Risk Detection. 10 Oct 2022. Lambda Mu, 23th Congress on risk management and operational safety (Congrès de  maîtrise des risques  et de sûreté de  fonctionnement)

  • Paolo Mignone, Donato Malerba, Michelangelo Ceci. Anomaly Detection for Physical Threat Intelligence. 20 Sep 2022. ITADATA 2022 CEUR Workshop Proceedings. Volume 3340, paper38. https://ceur-ws.org/Vol-3340/paper38.pdf


Special interest magazines


Interviews and appearances

  • Joachim Levy. see how Joe Levy, CEO & Founder of 1702ai uses MATLAB Computer Vision Toolbox and Deep Learning Toolbox to detect real time threats! 1 Feb 2021. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTxn9PYHaX8.

  • Joachim Levy. SAMSON gun detection. 10 Apr 2021. IPVM.com New Products Show April 2021

  • Zubina Ahmed. 1720ai: AI video platform that detects weapons in real-time. 7 Jun 2021. Khaleej Times. https://www.khaleejtimes.com/uae/1720ai-ai-video-platform-that-detects-weapons-in-real-time.

  • Paolo Mocellin. Managing complex evacuations. 02 Dec 2021. Interview with Journalist in Padova

  • Calev Myers. Preventing the next mass shooting. 24 May 2022. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_SsBTNryXc&t=1s.

  • George Mathisen (Journalist) interviewing Osman Ibrahim & Joe Gorman. Researching new tools for a safer city. 29 Jul 2022. Aktuell Sikkerhet.

  • Evan Rise (Journalist) interviewing Osman Ibrahim & Joe Gorman. Oslo City hall in center for a large EU-project exercise. 01 Sep 2022. Aktuell Sikkerhet (Security Today).