The Practitioners Guides (PGs), developed in the IMPETUS project, provide guidelines, documentation, and training materials in the areas of operationsethical/legal issues and cyber security.  They are presented in an online, browsable format that can be easily refined and extended over time. Version 1.1 has just been released!

The Practitioners Guides are structured such that each area has its own Practitioners Guide (PG), namely:

  • Practitioners Guide (PG) on Ethics & Privacy
    • Details the integration of ethical principles and procedures that respect data privacy in your operation
  • Practitioners Guide on Cybersecurity
    • Designed to guard against, detect and deal with cyber security threats
  • Practitioners Guide on Operations
    • Empowers security operation centre personnel in dealing with emergencies

The Practitioners Guides can be accessed at: 


The Practitioners Guides (PGs)  are aimed at a very wide readership: anyone with an interest in operational, strategic, ethical, legal, and data privacy issues in the context of using advanced technological solutions to collect, analyze and utilize data in security operations.  The tools developed in our IMPETUS project are examples of the kind of advanced technologies we are considering – but the scope is wider than that...