Bringing the lessons learned from IMPETUS to a wider audience

The Practitioners Guides (PGs) provide guidelines, documentation, and training materials in the areas of operationsethical/legal issues and cyber security. The Practitioners Guides are structured such that each area has its own Practitioners Guide (PG), namely the Practitioners Guide on Ethics & Privacy, the Practitioners Guide on Cybersecurity and the Practitioners Guide on Operations. They are presented in an online, browsable format that can be easily refined and extended over time. The IMPETUS Practitoners Guides can be accessed at:


Advanced technological solutions to collect, analyse and use data in security operations offer great potential to improve safety in cities.  But they cannot just be used “straight out of the box”: numerous issues related to ethics, data privacy, cybersecurity and operational practices must be addressed to enable successful deployment and long-term operational impact.

In IMPETUS, we developed approaches to addressing these issues, and learned many valuable lessons along the way. The Practitioners Guides raise awareness and bring lessons learned in IMPETUS to a wider audience. They consist of guidelines, tutorial materials, checklists, reference information and more, covering three core areas:

·         Ethics – how to integrate ethical principles and procedures respecting data privacy in operations

·         Cybersecurity – how to guard against, detect and deal with cyber security risks in Smart City contexts

·         Operations – how to integrate new technologies into existing working practices to enhance operations

While the guides are based on lessons learned in IMPETUS, they are also applicable in wider contexts related to use of similar technological approaches, and to management and security of Smart environments.


·         Who are the readers?  Anyone with any kind of responsibility for security in public spaces, and/or who have specific interests in operational, ethical, legal or cybersecurity aspects of using advanced technological solutions in security-related operations.

·         How might users benefit?  Readers will understand how to address technical and non-technical challenges in an integrated way so that the advantages of technical solutions can be realised.


The Practitioners Guides are presented in Wiki page (built using the Confluence framework and tools) with an interactive interface facilitating dynamic exploration of the contents. The aim is to make it easy for readers with different backgrounds and roles to navigate to the modules of interest to them.