25 February 2021



 On 25 February 2021, IMPETUS took part in the CERIS–FCT Virtual Workshop on Protection of Public Spaces.

The workshop discussed how technology innovations can be used to counter attacks on urban meta-systems like public CCTV, transport systems and social media platforms. Using these three scenarios, the workshop also aimed at identifying operational issues that may leave a city vulnerable to attack. Another one of the focus areas of the workshop was identifying the counter measures that are already in place, or that can be put in place against cyber-attacks.

The focus areas in the workshop were highly relevant to the objectives of IMPETUS, so it was very useful for us to attend and have an open discussion with the other participants about how our various projects could contribute to improved urban security.

The three scenarios were an excellent mechanism for promoting lively and fruitful discussion. It was clear that IMPETUS tools have a role to play in addressing some (but not all) of the operational and technological gaps.  It was also clear that the three IMPETUS “Practitioner’s Guides”, providing practical guidelines, training materials and reference information have a major role to play here. The Practitioner’s Guide on ethics has a special role in clearly defining the ethical and data privacy considerations that must be respected when deploying advanced technological solutions.

Active participation in the workshop provided us with good insight into other projects working in the area, indicating possible paths for future co-operation and synergy.