28 October 2021


IMPETUS will present a video webinar at the TIEMS/CBI webinar series. In this series, presenters feature their different models, approaches, and systems used in emergency management.

SMART CITIES DISASTER RESPONSE (28 Oct 2021; 5pm CET) will cover the IMPETUS project under the following topics:

  • IMPETUS Project Overview and Expected Results (by Joe Gorman),
  • Survey on Ethical Issues on Smart Cities Technologies (Jelena Radosevic),
  • Integration of Tools (Radu Popescu),
  • Weapon Detection Tool (Joe Levy),
  • Social Media Threats Detection Tool (Joaquin Luzon Tuells),
  • IMPETUS Solutions Implementation in City of Oslo (Osman Mohammad Ibrahim), and
  • COSSEC Network (Sandro Bologna).

There is no doubt that this webinar is an excellent opportunity for emergency management professionals, students, academics and first responders to get to know more about IMPETUS and how this platform can aid and improve their own emergency management responses and tools.

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Contact: Harald: khdrager (at) online.no

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