28 October 2021



The highly anticipated webinar held on the 28th of October 2021 featuring the IMPETUS Project hosted by CBI, in association with TIEMS, was a success. It's exciting to see some results emerge out of the various facets and from the IMPETUS project partners. The webinar itself was well-attended with visitors tuning in from the United States, across the EU, to Australia, India and China. 

The webinar started with a talk from Joe Gorman (Project Coordinator, SINTEF, Norway), who introduced the project and provided insight into how IMPETUS tools can aid smart cities in addressing urban safety. Jelena Radošević (ISP, Croatia) reported on preliminary results of the IMPETUS Public Opinion Survey with respect to ethical issues regarding smart city technologies. 

This webinar provided the opportunity for the IMPETUS partners to describe how their technologies and tools can be used in the IMPETUS platform in the context of urban safety in a smart city. Radu Popescu (SIMAVI, Romania) spoke about how the integrated components of the IMPETUS platform can be consolidated and used by government agencies, civil society, emergency services and urban infrastructure for improved security management and solutions. The IMPETUS Weapons Detection Tool was unveiled by Joe Levy (CINEDIT, Switzerland), thereafter the IMPETUS Social Media Threats Detection Tool was presented by Joaquin Tuells (INSIKT, Spain).

To conclude the webinar, a couple implementation strategies were also introduced to attendees. These include the IMPETUS Solutions Implementation in the City of Oslo (introduced by Osman Ibrahim) and the IMPETUS COSSEC network (presented by Sandro Bologna). These implementation strategies specifically highlight the practical application of the IMPETUS platform in a smart city. Oslo was the first pilot city to take on this task, and Osman explains how they are implementing the IMPETUS platform, updates us on its implementation in Oslo thus far and looks at future plans. Sandro follows with an update on COSSEC COSSEC (community of safe and secure cities), not to be limited to its name, is expanded to include interested parties like emergency agencies, citizen organisations, governmental authorities, researchers, innovators and professionals, all of whom may be interested in using IMPETUS now or in the future.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the full video here.

You can watch Joe Gorman's (Project Coordinator) talk here.

If you'd like to have a look at the presenters' slides, they are available here (pdf).