9 December 2021



What a day! A full day (Thursday, 9 December 2021) at the TIEMS 2021 Virtual Annual Conference was allocated to IMPETUS – and aptly dubbed “IMPETUS Day”. This conference gave the IMPETUS partners an opportunity to describe how their technologies and tools can be used in the IMPETUS platform in the context of urban safety in a smart city.

This year’s TIEMS conference was on “New Emergency Management in a Resilience Era Facing Health, Climate and Energy Challenges”. The conference was co-hosted by the French High Committee for National Resilience (https://www.hcfrn.org/), the “French chapter” representative of TIEMS, with Capacity Building International (https://capacitybuildingint.com/) as the technical operator of the conference. The timing of the conference couldn’t have been better considering the long-term COVID-19 crisis sweeping the world. 

There is a call for emergency managers to build and/or enhance new approaches, tools and capabilities to meet these challenges. Emergency management personnel must prepare themselves and their local communities for the challenges, and opportunities, they may face in the future. Given that one of the key focus areas of IMPETUS is the management of process, ethics and technology often seen in emergency mitigation using improved security solutions, IMPETUS was a compelling and welcome addition to the conference program.

Overall, the speakers gave excellent talks at the IMPETUS Day at the TIEMS conference. We look forward in anticipation to more results and outcomes the IMPETUS Project can produce!

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More information about the TIEMS 2021 Virtual Annual Conference can be found here.

The IMPETUS Day sessions can now be viewed on YouTube: