This Cookie Policy is an integral part of the Privacy Policy made available by the Joint Controllers to users of the website (the "Website"). 

Use of Cookies 

Cookies and similar technologies are information that sites and apps send or read on your devices on the first visit, to then be re-transmitted to the same sites or apps on the next visit. 

Our cookies allow you to: 

  • memorize the preferences entered; 
  • improve the functioning of the Website; 
  • analyze the use of the services and content provided by the Website to optimize the browsing experience and the services offered. 

In line with applicable legislation, consent for the installation and use of cookies is not always required. In particular, this consent is not required for "technical cookies", i.e. those used for the sole purpose of carrying a communication across an electronic communications network, or those strictly necessary to provide a service expressly requested by the user. In other words, your consent is not required for cookies which are indispensable for the operation of the Website. 

Instead, your consent is required for "analytics" cookies. "Analytics" cookies allow you to improve the management of settings, allowing interaction with external networks and platforms, and provide statistical analysis on the use of the Website. 

How long do cookies last? 

There are different types of cookies which, depending on their characteristics and functions, could persist on your device for different periods of time: the so-called session cookies, which are automatically deleted when you close the browser; and so-called persistent cookies, which remain on your device up to a pre-set time. 

Website’s cookies: 

Technical cookies: 

  • CONSENT – 2 years 

Marketing cookies: 

  • LogsDatabaseV2:V#||LogsRequestsStore – Persistent 
  • nextId – Session 
  • remote_sid – Session 
  • requests – Session 
  • ServiceWorkerLogsDatabase#SWHealthLog – Persistent 
  • VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE – 180 days 
  • YSC – Session 
  • YtIdbMeta#databases – Persistent 
  • yt-remote-cast-available – Session 
  • yt-remote-cast-installed – Session 
  • yt-remote-connected-devices -Persistent 
  • yt-remote-device-id -Persistent 
  • yt-remote-fast-check-period – Session 
  • yt-remote-session-app – Session 
  • yt-remote-session-name - Session 


How can I modify cookies’ settings? 

You can set your browser to authorize, block or delete (fully or in part) cookies, going to the settings, for example: 

- Mozilla Firefox:  

- Google Chrome: 

- Apple Safari: 

- Microsoft Edge: 


To modify the settings of cookies from YouTube (Google), click here:  


Privacy Policy in accordance with art. 13 GDPR 

SINTEF AS [VAT number: NO919303808MVA], COMUNE DI PADOVA [VAT number: 00644060287], INSTITUTE FOR SECURITY POLICIES [VAT number: 21013101] and OSLO KOMMUNE [VAT number: NO976819837MVA] are the Joint Controllers of the personal data which you will provide by using the website (the “Website”). In this Policy we will also refer to you as the “Data subject”, that is the person to whom the personal data relate.  

Joint Controllers have appointed Data protection officers: 

  • for SINTEF

Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

  • for the City of Oslo

Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

  • for the City of Padova

Contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

If you have any doubt regarding the processing of your data or if you want to exercise your rights, please write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 


Which personal data do we collect? 

Through the Website, we collect the following data: 

- Browsing data: the computer systems and software procedures used to operate the Website collect some personal data, whose transmission is an integral part of Internet communication protocols. We cannot directly identify you through such data, but this could still be possible in the event that they are elaborated and associated with other set of data provided elsewhere. We collect in particular information about: 

  • your IP address; 
  • the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the requested sources; 
  • the time and date in which you use the Website; 
  • the operating system, the browser used, the screen resolution and other information relating to the device environment. 

- Data provided on a voluntarily basis (e.g., e-mail address): the Joint Controllers will process these data, in accordance with the applicable law, to achieve the purposes specified in each form and in this Policy. The indication of certain data is compulsory in order to ensure the correct performance of the services required to the Joint Controllers. We presume that the data you communicate refer to you or to third parties who have authorised you to provide them. In this case, you assume all relevant obligations and responsibilities. 


How do you process my data? On which legal basis? 

In all the cases in which the Joint Controllers process your data, they are allowed to do so pursuant to a specific legal basis which legitimates the processing. 

Sometimes we need your consent to process your personal data, for example in order to send you newsletter. 

Other times, when the applicable law allows it and having respect to your rights, Joint Controllers may process your data without asking your consent. We are allowed to do so when we process your data to comply with a legal obligation or to reply to a request that you made by contacting us or by requiring services through the Website.  

Any refusal to provide data which are indicated as “necessary” may prevent the Joint Controllers from replying to your requests or from complying with legal obligations to which the Joint Controllers are subject. 

At the end of the data retention period, the collected personal data will be irreversibly anonymised or deleted. 





Data provided in e-mails sent to e-mail addresses: 

1) to respond to your requests 

6.1.b GDPR – Contract or steps prior to entering into a contract 

Retention period 

For the duration necessary to respond to your requests. For the period necessary for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims  

Contact data for the newsletter: 

1) to send you newsletter about the development of the IMPETUS Project 

6.1.a GDPR - Consent 

Retention period 

Until you withdraw your consent or until 1 year after the last newsletter of the Project was sent 

Data collected through cookies: 


1) as regards technical or analytics cookies, to track your activities on the Website, in order to improve our services; 

2) as regards profiling cookies, the data collected with your previous consent may be processed also by third parties (as indicated in the Cookie Policy) and will be used to show you targeted advertisement on this and on other websites; if you do not accept them, you will still see advertisements, but they will not be based on your interests 

6.1.a GDPR - Consent 

6.1.b GDPR – Contract or steps prior to entering into a contract 

Retention period 

Until the end of each browsing session or for the retention period indicated for each specific cookie (see the Cookie Policy) 


Will my data be shared with other subjects? 

Your personal data may be disclosed, in close relation to the purposes specified above, only to: 

- subjects authorised by the Joint Controllers to process personal data, that are committed to, or under, an appropriate statutory obligation of confidentiality; 

- subjects in charge of the maintenance of the Website, who will act as data processors; 

- Partners of the Consortium of the IMPETUS Project, who will act as data processors. 


If you accept third parties’ cookies, your data will be shared with the subjects indicated in our Cookie Policy. 


On the Website you find some links which lead to the social network pages of the IMPETUS Project, to allow an easy access to those contents. Such links do not send your personal data to the social networks as long as you are on our Website and do not click on them. The processing of personal data by social network platforms is regulated by their own privacy policies. 


Which rights do I have as Data subject? 

You will always keep control on your personal data. 

More specifically, you have the right:  

- to request information about the personal data processed by the Joint Controllers and to receive in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format the personal data concerning you; 

- not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing, unless you have provided your explicit consent;   

- to ask the Joint Controllers the rectification or the erasure of your personal data or the restriction of their use only for certain purposes;  

- to change your idea and ask us to stop processing your data, for example by deleting your account.  

In some limited cases we may not be able to comply with your requests, as long as it is forbidden by law provisions or by the act of a public authority.  

The requests to exercise your rights shall be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In any case, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority (Data protection Authority) if you believe that the processing of your personal data is against the applicable law.  


Where do you store my data? 

We store your data also in servers located outside the European Economic Area.  

However, the service providers, as external Data Processors, declare that the third countries guarantee an adequate level of protection of data subjects rights by virtue of compliance with one or more of the conditions set out in Articles 45-47 of the GDPR. Data collected by third parties’ cookies may be transferred to Third countries as provided for in our Cookie Policy and in such third parties’ privacy policies. 



This web survey is about your views and concerns on the use of technology to gather data from you in order to provide protection services in your city.

Results will be made available as the project progresses: 

1) Preliminary results were made available during Jelena Radsevic's presentation at the CBI TIEMS Conference (11 November 2021): View now.


This survey is being carried out as part of the IMPETUS project, an EU-funded research and innovation project aiming to enhance the resilience of cities in the face of security threats in public spaces.  You can find more information about IMPETUS here

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary.  We have prepared a short Consent Form that explains the voluntary nature of participation, and conditions associated with it.  We invite you to review it. Note that the part of the Consent Form about audio/video recordings and photos is not relevant in this case, no recordings will be made and no photos will be taken.

The survey consists of 15 questions.  The estimated time to respond to all questions is approximately 5 minutes.

Click on flag representing your preferred language with which to respond to the survey questions.



Field-testing the Firearm Detection tool in Oslo

IMPETUS presents the Weapon Detection tool, one of a set of tools we are developing, together with an integrating platform, dedicated to improving the security of open spaces in smart cities.

The tool uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to analyse images from security cameras in outdoor environments to detect small handguns and assault rifles and alert security staff.

The video shows the information presented to security staff when the tool positively identifies a gun (blue rectangles show people, the red rectangle shoes the gun).

For data privacy reasons, the tool shows images of people ONLY if a gun has been positively identified; in normal circumstances operators see only shaded rectangles where people are present in images.

The video is from field-testing of the tool in Oslo (IMPETUS pilot city) in November 2021, using volunteer subjects who gave written consent to use of these images.

Read more here:

#impetus #europeancomission #h2020 #weapondetection #cctv #1702ai #smartcities #oslo #ai #securitycameras #cinedit #switzerland